What time would you recommend getting in line Tuesday and Wednesday am maybe 4 or 5 in the morning? Dennis. In this post I break down the various methods to secure a tee time that include one lesser-known option! This method is the best for single golfers wanting to play the Old Course who have not been successful in the Annual Private Ballot as they are not eligible for the Daily Ballot process. The St Andrews Links opens a ballot during the last week of August and first week of September (10AM BST on Wednesday, August 23 until midnight on Wednesday, September 6 2017 for bookings in 2018) which takes entries online for visiting groups. Im a single golfer so know I wont be able to enter the ballot (unless I can find someone to enter with me) that being said is it worth going to the starters box when I arrive as my air bnb is legitimately right across from the old course. I would want to play with my Father-in-law a one time 5 handicapper, but who hasn't been a member of a club or have a handicap in the last 20 years. Is England the Most Underrated Country for Golf? Or in the dark times? As we’ve already noted, the chances of winning the St Andrews Old Course ballot is a function of the ratio between supply and demand. Old Course Ballot - Despite its overwhelming popularity, the Old Course still upholds the tradition of a ballot (lottery) drawn two days ahead of play (except for Sundays and tournament days). The views are second to none and the course, while tricky, is a blast. In comparison, it is surprising how fortunate many of our clients are with their first attempt when travelling in the earlier part of the summer. Great information here. The price tag may very well be worth it to ensure you have the tee time! The Old Course ballot, which was devised to give golfers a chance to play the famous links even if they hadn’t booked a tee time, has become a key part of playing golf in St Andrews. The ballot gives golfers who have not secured a guaranteed tee-time in advance a chance of playing the Old Course and is used by thousands of golfers every year. Very good questions – here are my thoughts: -Definitely enter the ballot for that arrival Monday. These names cannot change or be swapped once a tee time in secured. Wish I had better news! During this global pandemic period please rest assured that Drumgolf remains fully operational and we would be delighted to discuss your current or future plans for visiting Scotland. – If you are told that there is an opening later in the day, you are able to leave and come back once your name is on the list. – You cannot send one person to hold places in line for a group. Please note that there are certain weeks of the year when the Ballot is not operational: 6 May – 9th May is the R&A 2013 Spring Meeting, 29 July – 5 August Woman’s Open Championship, Mon 9-20 Sept is the R&A 2012 Autumn Meeting. A good backup plan to the ballot is standing by on the day of play. On the episode you hear the varying alarm clocks which the golfers set … Each tour operator puts together their own packages and they must have been referring to an internal policy that is unique to them. If you’ve missed out on the private advanced tee times for the St Andrews Old Course and are not willing to pay over the odds for a guaranteed tee-time from an authorised provider then the daily ballot is your best bet. I’ve just tried all of the links on the page and I can’t seem to replicate the problem you’re having… Everything is loading correctly for me. As for renting clubs, you can rent at the St Andrews Links Clubhouse near the Old Course starter. The second method is by visiting the Links clubhouse in person. He would like to play the Old Course as a single. The ballot is a random drawing to determine a given day’s tee sheet on the St Andrews Old Course. Mr. Loomis, we are interested in a bespoke golf trip coordinated by yourself, i.e., someone who knows the courses, pro’s, and local communities. Want to ditch your clubs for a few days and explore? Proposal One would change the law so that when the parks fund limit is reached, future oil and gas revenues would go, not to the general fund, but the Natural Resources Trust Fund, which would no longer have any cap whatsoever. #3 Walk Up Arrive early in the morning and queue down at the Old Pavilion by the Old Course on the day you wish to play. Obviously, earlier provides better chances and I’ve seen people get there as early as midnight. Hi Susan, It’s difficult to say with any certainty how easy or difficult it will be to get a tee time. See our rules and tips. Old Course Ballot – How it works and what are your chances of success. Hi Laurie, thank you for writing in! save hide report. The third is entering online. State Apparel – Maker of the Best Pants for a Scotland Golf Trip. It is hoped the change to a 48-hour system will benefit golfers by letting them know further in advance when and if they will be able to play the Old Course. It and all of it's wonderful sister courses are operated by The Links Trust of St Andrews, with a spirit that they are open for everyone to enjoy. The truth is that whilst there are a number of different ways to play The Old Course, around 50% of the available tee times each year are reserved for the ballot. Certain days of the week provide greater chances of being successful than others, namely Thursdays and Saturdays. As the Old Course is closed on Sundays there is no Friday ballot. St Andrews want to be fair to all golfers so they keep about 50% of the Old Course tee-times for a daily ballot. I’m glad you asked – that tour operator is not correct.

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