Our lightweight modular wall panels are constructed from galvanised, powder-coated steel, weighing less than 50kg per m2, and fixable to any wall. The benefits don’t just end there, exterior vertical garden systems protect your building … Bookshelves and Wall Units Showcase your collection of books, art and photos in an attractive freedom bookshelf or wall unit. The Living Wall system is ideal for covering existing or new interior walls where a waterproofed surface is possible. Store wide sale - 15% off all Italian made furniture Home As our gardens are soil based and not hydroponic, they require very little maintenance and this delivers low operating costs. Our living wall system uses natural soil to ensure that the plants are in their natural environment. The householder can now have a vertical garden and get that lush green wall effect. They can also be wall mounted. “Living walls first became popular in New Zealand about 10-15 years ago,” says Nichola Vague, a Tauranga-based Zones Landscaping consultant. The modules come with a waterproofed backing panel and drip tray. Our NZ designed and made stacked Planter Gardens are idea for semi-transparent, space dividers and can be used indoors or outdoors. The waterproofed wall can be a 19 mm ply-board coated with a butynol lining and a drip tray should be provided at the base to catch any water run-off. a 20mm tap with mains water pressure of  between 2-5 bar, a battery or electrical controller with single or multiple zones, 19 mm vertical feeder pipes and 13 mm horizontal feeder pipes, pressure compensating drippers or spray irrigation. We’re stoked with the result and both walls are going to be real features of the building, IVHQ Executive Director Dan Radcliffe says the inclusion of the interior green walls in the fit-out lines up with the company’s need to maintain a connection with nature and the environment. The Living Wall System is a light weight, soil based method which is ideal for creating low maintenance and sustainable vertical gardens over existing or new surfaces. Living wall systems include anything from simple grow-bags and panels available from garden centres to ones installed by specialist companies. Site measurement is generally undertaken prior to manufacture. If in Auckland, make an appointment to view large panel … Living walls … Versatile-Reliable-Proven living walls GSky Plant Systems, Inc. is an award-winning global provider of turn-key living walls and vertical gardens tailored to fit your Interior and Exterior needs. Not only this, but 2021 living … We believe that soil based, vertical gardens provide the best environmental and sustainability benefits, while at the same time minimising maintenance costs. Additional drainage is not required. Our patented, pleated pocket living wall systems are an elegant solution for growing lush living walls anywhere, from homes and workplaces to entire facades. The plants, in their felt pockets, are placed into the outer Hanging Garden pockets. Hanging Gardens are soil-based.They are ideal for a wide range of plants including New Zealand natives, annuals, perennials and other edibles. Installation of the plants is in accordance with a Planting Plan. We work with developers, architects, contractors and interiorscapers to design, install, and maintain our living wall systems. The transformation of the Bata Library at Trent University features a 278-square-foot (26-square-meter) green wall installed in the atrium with the LiveWall ® Indoor Living Wall System… Wallgarden is the lowest cost vertical garden system on the market and the patented irrigation system … Over the past half century, a notable increase of urban-living … “The Hanging Gardens are an awesome feature of our fit-out and we’ve been able to create an office space that will make our energetic team feel good about coming to work,” says Dan. “But it’s not just a passing fad; it’s proving to be very … Thanks to you and your team, we just love our Hanging Garden and the locals love it too! Create instant eye catching impact on the street and add to urban biodiversity; attracting bees, butterflies and song birds. This system can be used for interior or exterior application. Eastern Beach, Auckland, Creating beautiful and sustainable spaces, © Hanging Gardens 2017 | All Rights Reserved |, Worlds largest soil based vertical garden goes up on Auckland waterfront, New Ricoh showroom goes green in Wellington. Living walls are striking additions to any indoor or outdoor space. The flexibility of green walls makes them perfect for all environments. Throughout Australia and New Zealand reference sites featuring walls, ceilings, counters and beams are available to view fully-installed wall panels. Room dividers are a versatile means of sectioning off a space for privacy or practicality. As part of a global network, we have been involved in the development of the patented ANS living wall system. Living Wall is the Green Centerpiece in the Re-designed Interior of the Bata Library at Trent University. Wall mounted shelving systems in New Zealand This is a wall-strip and bracket system, but what sets it apart is the heavy duty wall channel and the availability of a 600mm deep shelf. These soil-based (rather than hydroponic) systems consist of removable and interchangeable felt pockets designed and made in New Zealand … Typically for exterior NZ native gardens, the recommended plant maintenance is bi-annual. The irrigation systems are designed for the site and environment and can be connected to a rainwater collection system and/or main supply. That plus our use of solar power in the building are central to the concept of having green, sustainable office premises.”, “We were excited to bring Hanging Gardens in to design and install the two green walls. Thanks for coming down over the weekend to install our gardens. Everyone wants to know the names of the  native plants – can you give me a poster with the names please? Read More Planter Gardens Interior Modules combine marine grade timber frames with vertical gardens. Conceived by New Zealand's living wall experts, GreenAir, and their Australian partner Fytogreen, in collaboration with project landscape architects Boffa Miskell, the Federal Street green wall has a total … My staff are jealous of the gardens in my office, so could you add some more in their offices too please? The Living Wall system is ideal for covering existing or new interior walls where a waterproofed surface is possible. The Living Wall System is a light weight, soil based method which is ideal for creating low maintenance and sustainable vertical gardens over existing or new surfaces. Vertical wall gardens or ‘living walls’ are currently the hottest trend in gardens and are a great way to make use of a sunny fence or wall. We are SO excited about living room trends for 2021! These plants naturally purify the air and can help reduce your heating and air conditioning bill while fighting carbon emissions. Useful to … The Living Wall or Green Wall is the ideal modular plantscape system to bring energy and life to vertical surfaces. Our experience and knowledge of living walls and living roofs is the most advanced available in New Zealand … You can build a living wall on any solid wall or fence. The system uses a UV resistant, outer fabric, 3 pocket garden as a medium for holding plants. Designers are increasingly taking advantage of this stunning interior or exterior landscape … Freestanding Framed Gardens use light weight, soil based garden pockets in a self contained, vertical garden modules. The automatic irrigation is pre-assembled and requires a standard connection to a mains water supply. Sustainable urban living Nu-Wall's leading range of profiles are made right here in New Zealand, from over 70% recycled aluminium. Building owners construct indoor living walls … Simple, Lightweight Vertical Planters. The capturing of the rainwater off the roof is brilliant and somehow the whole place feels much cooler. We featured on one Britain’s best loved gardening TV programmes; Love Your Garden hosted by Alan Titchmarsh tonight (3 rd March 2020). Accessories for each solution could include the following:-, We work with a wide range of high quality plant suppliers around New Zealand and locally sourced, sustainable, New Zealand native plants as well as exotic plants, indoor plants and edible plants can be provided for specific requirements:-. If you’ve dreamed of having a garden, but are limited for ground … Leigh Nicholson of Hanging Gardens, a company which specialises in creating green walls, is helping to bring greenery back into cities, workplaces and homes with her environmentally friendly vertical garden systems. Every Hanging Garden is designed in consultation with our clients and customised to make the best of the site features, lighting and other conditions. Our bespoke module is cradle-to-cradle meaning it is made from recycled material and is … ANS Global are one of the world’s leading suppliers, designers and installers of living walls using the modular natural soil green wall system, the ANS Living Wall System. Florafelt Living Wall … The Smartest Living Wall System Available. Not forgetting a newfound love for bold and neutral shades as well as revelling in luxurious fabrics! Get multiple kits to create a taller or wider living wall. Hanging Gardens are soil-based vertical gardens and are ideal for a wide range of plants including New Zealand natives, annuals and edibles. We offer four living … Living Walls instant hedges have been lovingly tended and formed for years by the team at Twining Valley Nurseries, so you won’t have to. Create stunning living murals with LiveWall ® Indoor, the green wall system which provides a healthy growing environment for plants on virtually any interior wall surface. From embracing the simple beauty of nature to using travel as an inspiration! Any wall penetration and fixing detail is designed according to substrate, building design and engineering requirements. [...], A new strategy for urban gardens Hanging Gardens designed a display garden for the NZ Flower and Garden Show and along with 3 other international designers, was judged to have met the international gold [...], New stacked Planter Gardens The architects renovating the new Ricoh showroom at 1 Victoria Street in Wellington wanted greenery to complement the funky new office space. ANS Global supply modular green roof kits, the ANS GrufeKit green roof system … The waterproofed wall can be a 19 mm ply-board coated with a butynol lining and a drip tray … Living green walls are a surefire way to enhance a building’s visuals, improve air quality as well as employee alertness and energy levels. This DIY friendly grow wall makes it easy to install and being modular, repotting is simple. All plants are delivered to site pre-planted in their felt pockets. These are perfect for single and double sided space dividers for interior spaces. In addition, the self-watering system keeps plants healthier while giving you a low-maintenance living wall. I also love the plants in the room it made such an impression on me that I thought I had better clean my room up to make the plants feel better ! Specialists in this area, they were wonderful to work with and their passion and expertise in vertical gardens shines through in the finished office space.”. Choose from white-washed and natural timber beach-house bookcases, smart … At less than 80mm thick, our Green Wall profile is narrower … The Living Wall System is a light weight, soil based method which is ideal for creating low maintenance and sustainable vertical gardens over existing or new surfaces. Available by the metre, in a range of sizes and varieties, you … An ideal option for studio apartments, they also present an opportunity to transform any living area, create a private … See more ideas about modern wall units, wall unit, interior. Suite Plants makes beautiful and practical living plant walls that can be custom fit to your needs. All good living green wall specialists will be … The plants are planted into the unique, removable felt pocket in soil. living wall system manufacturers High performing systems for living walls, vertical gardens, vertical farming and structural living retaining walls with 25 years of innovation and improvement behind them. Lightweight, easy, and fun, it’s the perfect … The other unique feature is, the system … Hanging Gardens of New Zealand was awarded the Ports of Auckland contract for the installation of the largest vertical garden of its kind in the world, on the new car-handling building on Auckland’s waterfront. Exterior plants for North, South, East or West facing sites as well as for high wind, coastal environments. Custom made wall units in Auckland, NZ - made in our New Zealand workshop to the highest quality. An expert’s guide to planting your own green living wall. A living wall is an arrangement of plants situated on a vertical facade, like a wall inside or outside your home. We have been part of the show in the past so when the show’s producer got back in touch to feature a Wonderwall living wall… Address: 10A Rogers Ave, Just like with office buildings, living green walls can be installed both inside and out. Hanging Gardens was asked to come up with [...], Address: 10A Rogers Ave, “We chose the green walls as a feature because of their calming effect on people and the improvement in air quality we can achieve. Note: designed for outdoor use, as bottom containers don’t hold excess water completely. Our Living Wall System can be made to fit almost any size and the configuration is tailored to fit the design requirements. Mar 10, 2020 - Explore Aguirre Design's board "MODERN WALL UNITS", followed by 411 people on Pinterest. Eastern Beach, Auckland, © Hanging Gardens 2017 | All Rights Reserved |, Worlds largest soil based vertical garden goes up on Auckland waterfront, New Ricoh showroom goes green in Wellington, Drip Tray – to client requirements (Recommended depth 350mm), Flashing – to clients requirements – any colour, size, Slim-line water storage tanks, pumps and inline filters, Interior plants for low, medium and good light situations. LiveWall empowers building owners, contractors and design professionals to grow healthy interior vertical gardens. For internal gardens, the maintenance will be dependent upon environmental conditions but monthly maintenance is recommended for ensuring the garden remains in a beautiful condition. Living Walls are pre-assembled, without plants, ready for rapid suspension and securing to the vertical surface. Our unique Pockets Gardens are light weight and soil based with removable pockets for plants and eyelets for easy attachment to existing exterior surfaces.

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