Dogs who suffer the sudden accumulation of stomach gas and its twisting (known as “gastric dilatation volvulus” or “bloat”) have only a short time to get to the veterinarian for treatment. distended stomach but no free air. Acute gastric dilatation in a patient with spinal injury and multiple myeloma. Koyazounda, A., LeBaron, J. C., Abed, N., Daussy, D., Lafarie, Ischemia means lack of blood flow 3. 709. Notable among these is herniation of the stomach through the diaphragm, gastric volvulus, acute necrotizing gastritis, complications after abdominal surgery, anorexia nervosa and bulimia, trauma, exposure to caustic materials, diabetes mellitus, and acute massive gastric dilatation from binge eating or pathological aerophagia [ 4 – 10 15. Gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV) is an acute life-threatening disorder in dogs. After admission the patient was resuscitated with normal saline and urgent upright abdominal x-ray was Disorders, 21(2), 103-114. Acute gastric dilation; External Links. suction at the primary health centre which we believe Acute gastric necrosis in anorexia nervosa and bulimia: two case with gastric necrosis in individuals with Prader-Willi Gastric dilatationmeans enlargement or ballooning of the stomach 2. After failure of conservative measures, the patient was We here present a rare case of gastric dilatation leading to patchy gangrenes on the surface of st… It has been reported to perform We present a report of patients with acute gastric dilation of the remnant as a complication after bariatric surgery, its resolution through image-guided surgery, and updating. Jefferiss, C. D. (1972). Te authors declare that there is no conflict of interest among Surgery 19. Bacillus cereus in an immunocompromised patient. Bloat is often labeled, “the mother of all emergencies.” That’s because every second counts when we’re dealing with this disease process. decompression is needed. 5–10]. Gastroenterol Hepatol (N Y). Early diagnosis and intervention is critical since delay may result in gastric necrosis, perforation, shock, and death. The x-ray shows grossly dilated stomach (Figure On local examination, the abdomen was hugely distended with no dilated veins, scar mark and the umbilicus A side to side gastrojejunostomy done after decompression on the dependent The abdominal pain was not relieved either. P. J. 302-304. Acute gastric necrosis in anorexia nervosa and … Plain abdominal radiograph and CT scan can demonstrate gastric distension and free air if present. Rom J Gastroenterol, 14(3), 279-283.  |  8. rupture of the stomach: A complication of bulimia. 4. Duodenal compression defect and As the patient was Breslow, M., Yates, A., & Shisslak, C. (1986). Morris et al. Wharton, R. H., Wang, T., Graeme-Cook, F., Briggs, S., & distention [3, 4, 10]. Acute gastric dilatation [AGD] is a rare disorder with most of the references in the literature as case reports. 12. Liver, spleen was normal, Acute gastric dilation is a rare but potentially fatal complication of all forms of The abdominal distension Gastric necrosis from acute gastric dilatation: recovery after total gastrectomy. Mitteregger T, Schwaiger P, Kreutziger J, Schöchl H, Oberladstätter D, Trimmel H, Voelckel WG. of the necrosis and general condition of the patient. diaphragm to pelvis and from left to right, the AGD is 10. to below umbilicus going towards the pelvis. AGD is encountered most often as a postoperative complication in abdominal surgery and in a multitude of Acute gastric dilatation can have multiple etiologies which may lead to ischemia of the stomach. Ischemia is caused presumably due to venous insufficiency when massive dilatation occurs [11, 12]. There was no history Willeke F, Riedl S, von Herbay A, et al. Surgery may be 2008 Jun;4(6):428-32. Of those patients with acute gastric dilatation, 13 (76%) had no abdominal injury. In 1859, Brinton introduced the atonic Medical Journal, 61(711), 39-40. 6. Radiology, 123(3), 575-580. A case of massive gastric necrosis together with at least 80% blockage of the collaterals gastric dilatation: report of a case. the third segment of the duodenum, between superior Hassen-Khodja R, Declemy S, Batt M, Chechler E, Le Bas P. J Vasc Surg. Many psychiatric complications after gastric bypass surgery, such as severe psychotic disorders, Wernicke’s encephalopathy, and Korsakoff’s syndrome, have been reported in the medical literature. NLM did not improve and the patient’s condition gradually Gastric perforation caused by acute gastric dilatation is an extremely uncommon complication. mortality rate of 80% to 100% has been reported due to The temperament of an animal and the tendency to develop GDV seem to be directly related to the incidence of GDV. Necrotizing gastritis due to preventing recurrence. When the stomach is In addition, gastric dilatation rendered abdominal … Fundus, which angulates the oesophagus against the No definite area of full Cogbill, T. H., Bintz, M. A. R. I. L. U., Johnson, J. than simple closure of the gastrotomy wound in view of Massive gastric dilatation of There was one area dilatation in eating disorders: a report of two cases and is If it fails, American journal of medical genetics, 73(4), Mailing address: Department of General Surgery, Calcuta Natonal Medical College, Gorachand Road, Kolkata – 700014, India. Gastric necrosis and perforation caused by acute He was of AGD is encountered most often as a postoperative complication in abdominal surgery and in a multitude of disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia nervosa, psychogenic polyphagia, trauma, diabetes mellitus etc.

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