The course sequence provides the knowledge and skills needed by professionals in all aspects of the public relations field and gives you hands-on practice with real-world clients in the classroom to help you build your resumes. Criminal Justice and Legal Studies at Washburn will engage students in a wide variety of areas including: The Associate degree of Liberal Studies (ALS) offered through the College of Arts and Sciences is designed for students who desire a broad foundational degree, which provides a valuable credential for career advancement and for further academic work. For students interested in leadership and management in the helping professions, this certificate provides knowledge, skills, and practical experiences in non-profit management. This program offers a rewarding and challenging career for those individuals interested in providing emergency medical services to the sick and injured in a prehospital care environment. degrees during their course of study at Washburn. As a legal office assistant, you also might help with preparation of legal papers and correspondence such as summonses, complaints, motions and subpoenas. A health care professional skilled in the assessment, evaluation, treatment, management, and care of patients with respiratory problems. An educated person needs more than a single expertise or perception…That is why the interdisciplinary focus of the Master of Liberal Studies (MLS) degree attracts students of all ages and stages of their lives. Emergency Medical Technology/Technician (EMT Paramedic) Home Health Aide/Home Attendant: Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) and Licensed Vocational Nurse Training (LVN) Medication Aide: Nursing Assistant / Aide and Patient Care Assistant / Aide: Surgical Technologist: … The Entrepreneurship Certificate can be valuable for any student on campus. This personal commitment to our students encourages them to think creatively, speak effectively, and write critically. The program also includes an introduction to billing and coding. You will learn culinary math, food safety and sanitation, use and care of equipment and food preparation and cooking skills. Candidates may choose to pursue a program of study leading to a birth through grade three license or a middle school (5-8) license in English, History, or Mathematics. Kinesiology is an academic discipline concerned with the study of physical activity and human movement and its impact on health, society and quality of life. Instruction, covering several types of equipment, includes tune-up and overhauling, transmissions and differentials. PMHNPs provide treatment of psychiatric disorders for individuals, families and groups in a variety of clinical settings, using therapeutic techniques, pharmacological treatments, and interventions. The PMHNP program prepares graduates to function as a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Drawing a person's blood may not seem like an important job until you are on the receiving end of a needle! Many patients are understandably anxious about having blood drawn, but a good phlebotomist develops the skills necessary to help patients relax and feel they are in competent hands. Graduates of the program are prepared as generalists in nursing and may function in a variety of nursing roles. Washburn Institute of Technology offers 37 programs through on-site (classroom) only.It offers Certificate degree. Become a vital link in the health care chain by becoming an EMT. The Criminal Justice and Legal Studies degree programs prepare students to pursue advanced educational opportunities and to obtain productive careers in law enforcement, corrections, security administration, forensics, and the law. Want to be able to preserve, identify and analyze evidence, crack cold cases and ensure justice is served? You could become a stylist, salon manager or salon owner. Would you like to be a key player in high-tech crime investigations? The program provides instruction of basic theory and hands-on experience in carpentry, roof framing and masonry. Through proper selection of courses, you can prepare for a career in general marketing management, promotion management, personal selling and sales management, marketing research, channels management, and/or retail management. Peace, Justice and Conflict Resolution Studies is an interdisciplinary program of study, building on existing course offerings in a range of departments, that incorporates both international peace and justice issues, and through internship opportunities with community-based agencies, local dimensions of conflict resolution. Students with a degree in public relations can choose to pursue many different types of careers including the following: account coordinator, marketing assistant, event coordinator, public relations specialist, digital media manager, conflict resolution specialist, crisis communications specialist, account executive, public information officer, or public relations manager. Women’s and Gender Studies explores the connections between race and ethnicity, class, sexual identity and gender as they impact women’s and men’s lives in a variety of cultural contexts. Unlike auto repair schools in the past, Washburn Tech provides training that uses high tech diagnostic and repair tools on a fleet of late model vehicles in a new, cutting-edge facility. The basic program is four academic years in length. Best of all, you will gain hands-on experience in developing the marketing and financial plans it takes to start your venture. The B.Ed. Every business uses data and analytics to make decisions. Available Degrees: JD, JD-MAcc, JD-MBA, JD-MSW, MSL, JD-MCJ. Get Admissions Info. The curriculum emphasizes storytelling through writing, reporting, editing, designing, producing and managing for print, audio, video and web. You also may engage in study leading to a more detailed understanding of the area in which you are most interested, for each of the areas is tailored to meet specific interests and needs. Move from the classroom to the operating room with a surgical technology career. Washburn is dedicated to quality teaching. Criminal background check . You will not only learn by listening, but learn by doing. Complete them while in the comfort and convenience of your own home! Explore programs in this area of study. Washburn Institute of Technology. through our art and art history degree programs. One Year program designed to prepare you for the work force. MR has greater soft tissue contrast than CT, thereby creating detailed images. Self-starters who enjoy new challenges will quickly warm up to a career in climate and energy control technologies, traditionally known as HVAC training. Public administration careers also exist at every level of government. Washburn University prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, age, national origin, ancestry, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, veteran status, or marital or parental status. EMT & Paramedic Schools in Washburn, TN. This degree is the first bachelor-level Forensic Anthropology concentration in Kansas. Examples of these organizations include: college/professional/amateur sports (e.g., Olympics); sport marketing and management firms; sport communications and news media firms; corporate sponsorship and advertising firms; sporting goods firms; arenas, stadiums, and civic centers; college/university intramural sports programs, community recreation sports programs; social service agency sports programs (e.g., YMCA); private club sports programs; and military sports programs. The minor in Applied Media allows students to gain knowledge about digital tools and acquire hands-on skills that they will use to pursue the requirements of careers in their chosen majors. We have numerous internships available in the Topeka area, allowing you to gain valuable job experience. They work under the direct supervision of a licensed practical nurse or registered nurse to meet the basic needs of patients. The candidate must take at least eight hours of course work in each of the subject areas of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Information Sciences, Mathematics and Physics/Astronomy. Diesel technology is a hands-on, high-tech transportation career that is in demand. Students within the Criminal Justice and Legal Studies areas can consider pursuing a J.D. Advanced courses in Forensic Chemical Science are planned to meet the specialized needs of students interested in careers in forensic laboratories, which may include graduate studies. This is a quick course and moves you from a hospital setting into a residential setting. Today’s complex and rapidly changing health care environment demands exceptional doctoral-prepared nurses with the clinical, organizational, and leadership expertise to enhance nursing practice and improve patient outcomes. Washburn Institute of Technology (referred to as Washburn Tech). This is one of the lowest number of programs in comparison with other 93 universities in Kansas state. Students in allied helping professions, such as Criminal Justice, Social Work, Psychology, Nursing, etc. Companies want to hire graduates with initiative and who show entrepreneurial characteristics.

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