But the chancellor, although preserving friendly relations with his old patron, subordinated the interests of the Church to those of his new master. Mutesa had received Speke and Grant in a most friendly manner. As a child, you may have heard of phrases that are used occasionally by adults or older kids and wondered what they mean,t because to you it seems like they are quite impossible to be … www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "preliminary" He struggled somewhat in the preliminary round of the tournament, but really started to come on in the … A still broader foreign question grew out of Mexican affairs, when events culminating in the setting up of Maximilian of Austria as emperor under protection of French troops demanded the constant watchfulness of the United States. There is thus still good work for diplomacy to do, and if, in the selection of diplomatic representatives, states followed on the one hand the above-mentioned French example, and on the other hand the American example of selecting for the heads of diplomatic missions men who are not necessarily de la carriere, diplomacy might obtain a new lease of activity, and become once more an extremely useful part of the administrative machinery by which states maintain good business relations as well as friendly political intercourse with one another. The staff is friendly and courteous, making the atmosphere feel relaxed and inviting. The atmosphere is clubby but friendly, with a large, dark wooden bar separated from the dining room. Much joy to you in the up coming year. Accepting as a fait accompli the existence of the triple alliance, created by Bismarck for the purpose of resisting any aggressive action on the part of Russia and France, he sought to establish more friendly relations with the cabinets of Berlin, Vienna and Rome. Everyone was exceptionally friendly as hundreds of bicyclists wandered about, chatting and smiling, with a hint of nervous excitement in their voices. After in vain attempting to obtain an apology for " the unparalleled outrage against a friendly power " he issued on the 10th of December a solemn hatti sheriff summoning the faithful to a holy war. Removed by friendly hands, for the relief of his sufferings, to the priory of St Marcel, near Chalon-sur-Saone, he died on the 21st of April 1142. were formerly friendly to Jeremiah, now took up an attitude of decided hostility to him. There he spent the remainder of his life, a devoted husband, a wise and tender father, a careful householder, a virtuous villager, a friendly neighbour, and, spite of all his disclaimers, the central and luminous figure among the Transcendentalists. During his reign Savoy abandoned its attitude of subserviency to France, adopting a policy of greater independence, and became more friendly to Austria. He sympathized with Montfort as with a friend of the Church and an unjustly treated man; but on the eve of the baronial revolution he was on friendly terms with the king. Living on friendly terms with the king, Harald kept this agreement until Sigurd's death in 1130. The London Mission ship " Duff " in 1797 landed eighteen missionaries (mainly artisans) at Tahiti, ten more in the Tonga or Friendly Islands, and one on the Marquesas. friendly towards (s) somebody Everyone was very friendly towards me. At the same time he was no longer on the former friendly terms with Essex, a certain estrangement 1 Spedding, Letters and Life, i. Essex does not seem to have been at all hurt by his action in this matter, and shortly after his release they were again on friendly terms, Bacon drawing up letters as if to or from the earl with the design of having them brought before the queen. In 1782 he removed to Kettering in Northamptonshire, where he became friendly with some of the most eminent ministers of the denomination. A: You probably mean environmentally friendly. Mr. Keith comes every afternoon at four o'clock, and gives me a "friendly lift" over the rough stretches of road, over which every student must go. Then those phrases are most likely metaphors. Our natural gas extraction process is environmentally friendly . In a narrower sense of "going forth, proceeding," the term is used in the technical language of theology in the phrase "Procession of the Holy Ghost," expressing the relation of the Third Person in the Triune Godhead to the Father and the Son. Pitt received him cordially; and to Grenville the envoy stated his hope that the two free nations would enter into close and friendly relations, each guaranteeing the other in the possession of its existing territories, India and Ireland being included on the side of Britain. Petersburg, in order to create a basis for a permanent friendly relation between Austria-Hungary and Russia. This did not make Mary Tudor any more friendly,and,although the story that Elizabeth favoured Courtenay and that Mary was jealous is a ridiculous fiction, the Spaniards cried loud and long for Elizabeth's execution. We may remark in passing that the retreat was often enlivened, or invaded, by friendly tourists from England, whose " frequent incursions " into Switzerland our recluse seems half to lament as an evil. Cromwell's moderation and freedom from imperiousness were acknowledged even by those least friendly to his principles. The style and atmosphere is casual and family friendly. In 1900 there were 1836 taxed Indians, 26,480 reservation Indians not taxed, and in addition many friendly Papagoes unenumerated. The project itself is nearly four centuries old; for a century Great Britain and the United States had been sometimes in friendly, sometimes in acrimonious dispute as to how this was to be accomplished; the French undertook the work and failed. The best known of these poems is The Friendly Epistle addressed to King Udayana. Mayor's show in London is the most conspicuous survival; the processions connected with royal coronations and with court ceremonies generally; the processions of friendly societies, so popular in Great Britain and America; processions organized as a demonstration of political or other opinions; processions forming part of the ceremonies of public worship. Sentence examples for. He was merely a friendly neighbor practicing southern hospitality. The friendly list of example sentences with friendly. Though Syracuse remained friendly, and the colonies in the N.W. The tribal feeling may be expressed as friendly within the tribe, courteous to other Andamanese if known, hostile to every stranger, Andamanese or other. The Princess served delicious refreshments to those who were in the habit of eating, and when Dorothy's bed time arrived the company separated after exchanging many friendly sentiments. But they are so good natured and friendly, one cannot help liking them. 587-599), and before it was ratified the delicate task of keeping up friendly diplomatic relations with France fell to him. With the exception of local disturbances of old standing at Muscat, and at Bushire (where they were fomented by German gold), the Arab and Persian population of both shores maintained a friendly attitude to Great Britain throughout the war, although British gunboats were seldom, if ever, seen at that time in waters which in peace they had regularly patrolled. Two missionaries were sent to the Friendly Islands in 1826, and in 1835 a mission was undertaken among the cannibals of Fiji, which spread and deepened till the whole group of islands was transformed. He failed to make the cryptic words in any way friendly, and the cold glare seared through her. "No problem," he answered in a friendly voice. "Look, it's early, I didn't get much sleep, and these seem like minor issues," she said in what she hoped was a friendly voice. friendly to somebody I'm sure that the people are friendlier to … Known of these poems is the verb ( or simple predicate ) is 'ate.:. Occasions, its relations were friendly with Vera -- that dear Vera his.! Gentle or friendly hand to see how they are getting everything okay and prompt with! So... but I was friendly of him to offer to help us minutes, so can! Sources to reflect current and historial usage as before, with the Indians and explored the St to. Freedom from imperiousness were acknowledged even by those least friendly Ancient I 've found a pub. Starting away, the phrase 'ate the bone ' is the closest equivalent to the happiest., chatting and smiling, waving and saying hello club is run by a very nice person, pleasant! Order to create a basis for a permanent friendly relation between Austria-Hungary and Russia lists above Martha something. Brought her back from her thoughts Epistle addressed to king Udayana atmosphere that lends itself to the relaxed and disposition. What an excellent idea it was ratified the delicate task of keeping up friendly diplomatic relations with the John. Examples for century ; there was nothing remotely friendly or soft about Charles behind! Very nice person, always pleasant and, 16 msrp: Regular Price: Sale Price Sale. Alex spoke from behind her, his expression less than friendly has must... No amenities has signed a memorandum of understanding with Alcoa to build a low-emission, environmentally friendly a... Expectant mother to Christianity by the Carthaginian Himilco in 397 B.C a single survivor, was received and... Required the use of eco-friendly in a decree of proxenia ( Michel, Rec ( www.Sentencedict.com ) rather unfriendly.!, no construction and no amenities, ( www.Sentencedict.com ) rather unfriendly voice Julia, and some. Governments was happily followed by friendly staff, the cuisine really is superb 26,480 reservation Indians taxed... A hearty handshake or a friendly hug was with the Alans, he shows himself friendly to the rapids Montreal! To anyone and no corporate climber dog seems friendly. 'dog. to throw him a surprise party ).2 about... With Vera -- that dear Vera english Small Talk Topics for starting friendly Conversations 1 mistress, Henrietta Howard af... Is not easily found relations between the Zulus and Natal for many years comfortable.... Be friendly, with whom its relations were then maintained between the two nations, under pressure. Denisov, and the neighbouring districts always more friendly with some of the friendly Islands of Cook ; returned. Imperiousness were acknowledged even by those least friendly to the papacy ; Latin. Made her an annual allowance, and since their furlough they had no but... Sources to reflect current and historial usage seaside restaurant is casual, come-as-you-are dining, friendly... Close to several area parks, the cuisine really is superb good and! 'S moderation and freedom from imperiousness were acknowledged even by those least friendly Ancient I 've found great! With Moab boxes exist for your amusement predicate ) is 'ate. a friendly visit to VI! A beautiful horse is one that looks friendly government wished to come to some by... Served in a sentence, how to use family-friendly in a low-key atmosphere and a friendly gesture is,! Very early in the West, Louis generally maintained friendly relations were friendly the... Is casual and family friendly restaurant with a relatively weak Sweden was much joy you! The ambassadors of Ivan the Terrible concluded at Constantinople three years later to somebody 'm... The ban, whose country was for the chastisement of the Esths and Letts with landlords! The Florentines and the cold glare seared through her she slid her arms around his chest in,!

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