P. William Clarke 

Clarke served as a senior consultant within a multinational training and business-consulting firm prior to striking out on his own.,  By 2007 Clarke’s company (DSI) was lists #1 among leadership & management – development consultants in Central New York.

primary Areas of expertise

  • Organizational Planning
  • Organizational Cultural Analysis
  • Organizational Leadership Development
  • 360 Business Assessments & Interpretation
  • High-level Mediation and Counseling
  • Overall Sales Force Development
  • CRM Implementation & Design
  • Sales Management & Training
  • Sales Presentation Strategies
  • Sales Performance Training
  • Team Building Performance
  • Compensation Planning
  • Secession Planning
  • Staff Recruiting
  • Coaching

20+ years of consulting experience in all facets of sales force development with considerable experience in in-home, dealer and relationship based sales models.

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Success begins with your very next step

– P. William Clarke

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P. William Clarke speaks at trade shows, corporate retreats, dealer meetings, association conferences and private corporate events.

Some of Clarke’s signature program titles include:

  • The Discovery Sales Process
  • The Sales Force
  • The Crucial Elements Of Success (CEO’S)
  • Don’ Wait For Heroes
  • Success Begins With Your Very Next Step
  • The Leader Within
  • Discovery Boot Camp & The Quick Start Sales Training Series.


P. william Clarke Articles and Posts

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Get It Right The First Time

As seen on P. William Clarke .com -  Early one Saturday morning, I decided to pick up a few things at my local Home Depot. I threw on some ratty jeans, a paint stained t-shirt, a hat and off I went. About mid way across the front of the store, I was greeted by an...

Success has its rewards so Plan on it!

As seen in Creative Selling magazine Success Has It’s Rewards So Plan On It! I was speaking at a multiple speaker seminar event a number of years ago.  Rather than hanging out in my hotel room, I decided to sit in on a few of the other presentations. One speaker posed...

A Sales Life Worth Living

As seen on P. William Clarke .com -  Here comes your prospect, ready-set-go, you’re off to the races. But are you running a race, or a sales encounter? Many salespeople move quickly, eagerly enticing prospects toward the finish line. The aforementioned question might...

Other Books & Publications


As part of the Power Learning book series, this power-packed, thought provoking collection of insights and strategies has been described as an enjoyable and easy read.

Easy to read and filled with ideas you can implement imediatly! Pete

Sales Manager, Consumer Electonics


This two DVD live event was filmed at the Interlock Resort in Colorado with an audience of elite specialty business owners in high-ticket consumer sales.

The Discovery Sales Process by P. William Clarke. This high energy three hour program is now available as a “P-Learning” online course.


As an international print publication, Creative Selling was delivered to 26 countries around the world.

Creative Selling also flew on The Trump Shuttle and was customized to support sales efforts in product categories ranging from pianos to luxury boats. 

Best know for no nonsense quick selling tips, featured column and specialty editions for Buick, Boston Whaler, Yamaha and other dealer based companies. 

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