MAVERICK INSIDERS CAN COMMENT. “If there was anything in which I believe I acted irresponsibly or not in the interests of the game as a director‚ I would have moved on.”. Cricket South Africa (CSA) interim board chairman and retired Judge Zak Yacoob has confirmed that the temporary leadership will report to the members council but will not be … The Members' Council and the interim board, the two bodies that were due to work together to clean up CSA's governance structures are now, effectively, at an impasse. A Cricket South Africa member’s council meeting set to take place on Thursday could decide the fate of the six non-independent board members that are … For one thing, four board members are hanging on. – Kugandrie Govender (Acting CEO) (Chair) (CSA) – Stewart Fortuin (Border) – Tennyson Botes (Western Province) What changed between Thursday and Sunday, when the Members Council met the board again? Everybody has an opinion but not everyone has the knowledge and the experience to contribute meaningfully to a discussion. I decided on the latter to serve the game that I’m passionate about. Could someone please enlighten me why we SAs without fail, can stuff up continuously, on cue, and hugely detrimental to what is required?! Council Member David Mann. The Members’ Council, according to well-placed sources within the negotiations, is set to finally ratify the proposed interim board as CSA directors – what was originally planned when Mthethwa announced the nine-member board last month. In June 1982, the CSA had an estimated 90 to 120 members, consisting of men, women, and children. Please note you must be a Maverick Insider to comment. Nathi Mthethwa. Jim Ellison, Kerry Noble, and William Wade were the only known members of the council. Resignations were called for, and not given — not least because, Daily Maverick understands, board members were advised by powerful figures within CSA that there was no legal basis to demand that they remove themselves. Related tags: Richardson Richardson South Africa. Everyone accepted that the members’ council was going to legitimise our appointment and proceeded on the basis that they would legitimise our appointment‚ so there was an understanding. We encourage different, respectful viewpoints to further our understanding of the world. As in Trump. Help us learn with your expertise and insights on articles that we publish. Resignations were called for, and not given — not least because, understands, board members were advised by powerful figures within CSA that there was no legal basis to demand that they remove themselves. David Mann was elected in November 2017 to serve on Cincinnati City Council. You must be on payroll on Dec. 9 of each year to participate in the annual deposit into your account. That leaves Zola Thamae, a non-independent, and Marius Schoeman, Eugenia Kula-Ameyaw and Vuyokazi Memani-Sedile, independents all. CSA member council's refusal to recognise the interim board had earlier thrown England's upcoming white-ball tour in jeopardy. The rest of us will wonder what the hell took them so long. The cancellation of England’s limited overs tour can and will lead to serious financial issues for CSA. CSA Members Council … Picture: Michael Sherman, African News Agency (ANA) Yet another reason the world (and most of us) see SA as a banana republic.. Makes me so mad!! DM. Non-Council Member States. And that’s only one of the myriad self-harming catastrophes into which the board has shambled. More than 50 United Nations Member States have never been Members of the Security Council. BECOME AN INSIDER. An additional R150 million will be spent on upgrades at CSA facilities across the country over the next three years. Department of Education members are entitled to $708 each year on Dec. 9. Sittenfeld is serving in his second term as a member of Cincinnati City Council. You heard the man: “I choose not to go.”. Haroon also agreed he won’t be part of any discussion with relations to this matter. – The Chief Executive (or equivalent) from each Affiliate/Associate Member; – The Chief Executive (or equivalent) from the South African Cricketers Association (SACA); and – CSA’s Senior Executive team (Exco). “The minister [Sports Minister Nathi Mthethwa] has threatened them [the members’ council] and it’s really something that they need to decide on Friday evening. I’ll continue to serve until such time as the Members Council decides otherwise. P.G. Six Cricket South Africa (CSA) board members down. That is likely to happen after close of business on Tuesday, when CSA runs out of road to avoid the minister stepping in. Yacoob said the matter had been raised and dealt with‚ but the member’s council was using Lorgat’s issue as a red herring as a smokescreen to hide their own issues. There are many great benefits to being a Maverick Insider. The nine-man council deliberated on the spiritual meaning and the direction of CSA activities. His message: that the interim board are not going anywhere. That’s what we want from our members. Yacoob said the members’ council didn’t seem to understand the ramifications of their actions. Safety Alerts and Product Recalls are voluntary notices issued to regulators, fire officials, safety authorities, the media, retailers, distributors and the general public to alert them to a potentially hazardous or faulty product. CSA is Local 1 of the American Federation of School Administrators (AFSA), AFL-CIO, located in Washington, DC. The firmness of Yacoob’s message came after CSA’s press conference on Thursday where CSA’s acting member’s council president Rihan Richards said CSA… But already there are whispers that they, too, are looking to make like Donald. They have too much to hide. They had agreed to it and I told the members’ council that I saw no conflict because he did do things with the affiliates with the loans. Meet the Mayor and Council The members' council, or any other department of CSA, could yet lodge a complaint with the ICC, citing government interference over the interim board, which could result in further action. Since December, sponsors, the South African Cricketers’ Association, the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (Sascoc), Mthethwa, the parliamentary portfolio committee on sport, arts and culture, and too many ordinary, ticket-buying, TV-watching, hero-worshipping cricket-minded South Africans to count have all raged at the CSA board. “We are back to square one‚ and the glimmer of hope has now been replaced by further disappointment and confusion‚” Breetzke said. For still another, CSA has invented the position of “acting president of the Members Council” and given it to Northern Cape Cricket’s Rihan Richards — a former board member. Presumably Williams felt the same way on Thursday (22 October) when he and the rest of his board went into a meeting with the Members Council, CSA’s highest authority, but which includes six members of the board itself. The Fundudzi report mentions these things‚ but doesn’t say what Lorgat did wrong. No doubt sports minister Nathi Mthethwa, who is waiting until after Tuesday 27 October to tell CSA what he plans to do to them for running cricket into the ground, has noted the exits with satisfaction. Most board members who made the Moroe mess had left the organisation before Sunday and been replaced, but the staggering level of denial needed to allow this to be posted on CSA’s official Twitter account even as the blood gleamed wet on the floor — “CSA understands and appreciates the board members’ reasoning behind their resignations, based on their love for cricket and their respect of CSA” — proves the problems remain rudely alive and shockingly well. Richards, on the other hand, said: "In the spirit of the CSA vision, the Members' Council considers the engagements with the Interim Board on the way forward, a leap in the right direction and anticipates cricket to be the winner as a result." CSA Group is active in publicizing recalls and safety alerts for potentially unsafe faulty products that bear CSA certification marks. CSA has been in trouble more or less since September 2017, when Thabang Moroe was named acting chief executive. He said he would withdraw recognition if the member’s council doesn’t revisit this matter. You heard the man: “I choose not to go.”. (Photos: Gallo Images/Lee Warren/Ashley Vlotman). For now, CSA is represented by a board of four Members' Council participants - Rihan Richards (who is also the acting Members Council president), Zola … As in Duck, not Allan. Removing advertising from your browsing experience is one of them - we don't just block ads, we redesign our pages to look smarter and load faster. For another, four of those who have quit are still on the Members Council. This includes solar and hydro power. Click here to see other benefits and to sign-up to our reader community supporting quality, independent journalism. The Compensation Accrual Fund was established as part of the 2003-2010 contract agreement between CSA and the city. Interim board chairperson retired justice Zak Yacoob has laid down the law to Cricket South Africa’s member’s council. Cricket SA’s Members Council has done a rapid about-turn and will now back the interim board of directors named by Sports Minister Nathi Mthethwa. Is there no end to what this inept and useless government can allow to be destroyed. Lines of Authority: In terms of the current MOI, CSA Members’ Council is the highest decision-making authority in South African cricket. “At a time when our domestic cricketers are excelling‚ and we are about to welcome England to our shores‚ the governance structures of CSA are again in crisis. The Executive Board is composed of 34 technically qualified members elected for three-year terms. Four to go. Council Member P.G. That is not yet known. Al Ahly coach Pitso Mosimane: 'I’ve been in a whirlpool ever since ... Cape Town referee to handle Anthony Joshua's world heavyweight title ... City hope to give centurions Nodada, Fielies a party with Pirates win, Mthethwa warns Cricket SA: ‘I would be failing in my duty not to intervene’, Defiant Cricket SA interim board vows to continue despite dismissal, EXCLUSIVE | Drama as Cricket SA members council dismiss interim board. The Members’ Council is not going to acknowledge the interim board assembled by sports activities minister Nathi Mthethwa. Please sign in or register to enable this feature. That’s my opinion and they can prove it wrong.”. Beresford Williams resigned as CSA’s acting president on Sunday 25 October, along with five other board members: non-independents Angelo Carolissen, Donovan May, Tebogo Siko and John Mogodi, and Dheven Dharmalingam, an independent. He previously served on council for more than 20 years, including three distinguished years as mayor. Acting CSA president Rihan Richards, who is also the Northern Cape Cricket boss, spoke of the “clear understanding of roles and responsibilities [between the interim board and the members council] for the immediate future of CSA” which forms the foundation of temporary board’s instructions. Cricket SA interim board turn to new law firm to advise on forensic report‚ did ... More Covid-19 restrictions for Nelson Mandela Bay as Ramaphosa declares metro a ... Makhura shuffles cabinet to 'strengthen Gauteng'. The presence of former CEO Haroon Lorgat on the interim board was a problem for the Members’ Council. CSA offers confidential mentoring to individual members through the Supervisory Support Program, a professional development program provided through the union’s contract. “I gave them an undertaking that if this matter is raised and the issue of the loans to provinces comes up‚ Haroon will be recused and he’ll have no part in the board dealings at all. Beresford Williams resigned as CSA’s acting president on Sunday 25 October, along with five other board members: non-independents Angelo Carolissen, Donovan May, Tebogo Siko … For still another, CSA has invented the position of “acting president of the Members Council” and given it to Northern Cape Cricket’s Rihan Richards — a former board member. Sittenfeld. It is governed by a Mayor, six Council Members, and a City Manager. The City of Casa Grande has a Council-Manager governmental structure. Kaizer Chiefs’ Champions League game moved to Saturday – if Bamenda ... Pitso – I don’t want to ‘talk about black coach’. Succeed in a global business environment. “I believe I’m still committed‚ I’m passionate and can still contribute and serve the game; I choose not to go,” he replied when asked, during a press conference, why he had not resigned. No drama. CSA is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada, a crown corporation which promotes efficient and effective standardization in Canada. I’ve been a servant of the game at various levels. But, as recently as September 18, Williams was going nowhere slowly. © 2020 Arena Holdings (Pty) Ltd. All rights reserved. For another, four of those who have quit are still on the Members Council. England is set to arrive in South Africa on Monday while the members’ council will be meeting on Friday night. The optimism that had accompanied Cricket South Africa (CSA) Casa Grande City Council. A public apology is the least of what is required, but don’t hold your breath: you’re dealing with something like that other Donald. Members. “If they do step in‚ it won’t be because we did all of this while the board was in administration and resisted reasonable efforts to fix things up. The steps we took with the minister were to precisely avoid an ICC step-in‚” Yacoob said. “The minister believed they would legitimise us and they didn’t‚ breaking their promise‚” Yacoob said. “If the ICC decides to step in and exercise its power‚ it won’t be because we decided. Haroon Lorgat’s presence is a real bone of contention. “Everyone accepted that we would be appointed. “We as a board and as collective leadership have dealt with matters head-on and I do believe we’re moving forward as a collective.

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