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Disclaimer The following provides links to syllabi on the Web. | ・Web syllabus (Only Theme Courses’ classrooms are shown on web syllabus. ) Unit-4 HTML – URI, LIST, Hyperlinks: History of HTML, Introduction to URI: Fragment Identifier & Relative Uniform Resource indicator, Standard Generalized Markup Language, Structure of HTML document, Switching between your Editor and Browser, Structuring Web Page, Paragraph and Line Break Tags, Adding Comments, Formatting your Text; Creating Lists: Ordered List Tags, Unordered List Tag & Nesting Lists: Controlling How Ordered Lists are displayed, Creating a Multilevel Outline, Using Start and Value Attributes in an Ordered List, Controlling the Display of Unordered List, Creating Definition List; Creating Hyper Text Links, Linking to a File or Data Object, Linking to NON-WWW Files, Linking to a Place in the Same HTML File, Linking to a Place in Another HTML File, Creating Link Lists, Creating a Simple Link List; Unit-5 HTML – Images, Links, Rules, Address Tag and Text: Inserting Images: Using the Align Attribute in Inline Graphics, Setting the Height and Width of an Inline Image; Creating Image Links; Horizontal Rules: Changing the Height of a Horizontal Rule, Changing between Shaded and Un-shaded Horizontal Rule, Changing the Width of a Horizontal Rule, Setting the Alignment of a Horizontal Rule; Address Tag; Working with Text: Text Alignment, Changing Font Sizes and Colors: Setting Font Sizes, Setting the Base Font, Using the Small and Big tags, Changing the Font Color; Using a Background Image; Marquee Tag, Unit-6 Web Page Authoring using HTML: Tables: Creating Columns and Rows, Adding a Border, Adding Column Headings, Adding Spacing and Padding, Adding a Caption, Setting the Table Width and Height, Aligning Cell Contents, Setting Column Width, Centering a Table,   Inserting an Image, Spanning Columns & Spanning Rows, Setting Font Size and Colors, Assigning Background Colors; Frames:Percentage dimensions, Relative dimensions, Creating two rows Frames, Creating two columns frames, Creating two rows and the second row containing two columns; Forms: What is Form?, Form Tag, Method, Action, Input Tag, Type Attribute: Check box, Hidden, Image, Radio, Reset, Submit, Text; Other attributes: Value, SRC, Checked, Size, Max length, Align, Select tag, Text Area, CGI, Get, Post, Unit-7 Cascading Style Sheets (CSS): Properties Table:Using the style Attribute, Creating Classes and IDs, Generating External Style Sheets, Typography, Consistency, Types of styles, Specifying class within HTML document, Style placement: Inline style, Span & div tags, header styles, Text and font attributes: Font Vs CSS, changing fonts, text attributes, Advance CSS properties: Backgrounds, Box properties and Positioning, Unit-8 DHTML: DHTML Overview & Definitions, Dynamic Images, Image Rollovers, Slide Shows, Dueling DOMs, The Document Object Model, The Navigator 4.x DOM, The Internet Explorer DOM, Dealing with DOM Differences, Creating the Core DHTML Library, The Custom Object Technique, Adding Methods to a Custom Object, Adding Secondary Methods and Properties & Active Element Object, Moving Elements on the Page, Moving in Geometric Shapes, Unit-9 PHP – Part-1: Introduction to PHP, History of web programming; how PHP fits into the web environment, PHP Installation and configuration, Hello World"; syntax, Variables, operators, flow control structures, More language basics; using GET and POST input, working with HTML forms; built-in and user-defined functions; variable scope; using the PHP manual, getting help, Input validation, string manipulation and regular expression functions; date and time functions, Unit-10 PHP – Part-2: Code re-use, require(), include(), and the include_path; file system functions and file input and output; file uploads; error handling and logging; sending mail, HTTP headers and output control functions; HTTP cookies; maintaining state with HTTP sessions; writing simple web clients, Introducing MySQL; database design concepts; the Structured Query, Language (SQL); communicating with a MySQL backend via the PHP, MySQL API, More MySQL database access; graphic manipulation with the GD library, Introduction to Objection Oriented Programming; Using PEAR packages, More PEAR packages; more OOP; the Smarty template engine, Parsing XML; PHP 5-specific features, Unit-11 JavaScript Programming – I: Introduction to JavaScript: Utility of JavaScript, Evolution of the JavaScript Language, JavaScript Versions and Browser Support, Differences Between Client-Side vs. Server-Side JavaScript, Statements and Operators, Variable Declarations, Assignment Operators and Statements, Arithmetic Operators,  Logical Operators, Comparison Operators, String Operators, Conditional Operators, Operator Precedence; Implementing Control Constructs: Conditional and Looping Constructs, if else Statements, do while Statements, for in Statement, switch Statement; Implementing Functions: Defining Functions, Calling Functions, Passing Arguments, Local vs. They will learn basic HTML, and basic CSS or Cascading Style sheets. Web Designers may work in teams sharing the responsibilities of Web Design, or handle all responsibilities themselves. Syllabus design advice (Vanderbilt University's Center for Teaching) A rubric for assessing the effectiveness of course syllabi (University of Virginia's Center for Teaching Excellence) Fink, L. Dee. 学校法人トキワ松学園 横浜美術大学の公式サイト。学生一人ひとりの能力、表現力、個性を深く見つめ、将来を共に考えます。2017年度に修復保存コース、2018年度にはアニメーションコースを新設。2年次及び3年次に合計10のコースから選択。 法政大学公式のWebシラバスです。各授業の概要を公開しています。授業の到達目標・テーマ、授業計画、テキスト・参考書、成績評価基準など、授業を選ぶ際の参考となる情報が閲覧できます。 here IT8501 Web Technology notes download link is provided and students can download the IT8501 WT Lecture Notes and can make use of it. Also,classroom list will be placed and distributed at the elevator hall on the 1st floor of bldg.22, CJL office on the 4th floor of bldg.22. Contact Us 7+ Years of Excellence in Training T & C Web Design Syllabus Course Description INTRODUCTION This course will introduce students to a variety of methods for creating websites. (IT), B.Sc. Course library Explore our curated sets of lessons. No prior web design experience is required. %PDF-1.5 %���� Web Trainings Academy offer Professional Web Designing Course with latest technologies HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Responsive Web Designing. There are thousands of tutorials for all types of technologies on that site, so take a look. About SMU Course content includes creating a variety of graphic elements including video, animations, rollover effects, backgrounds, and page images. All University of Florida course syllabi should be made available on the Web in accordance with the UF Policy on Course Syllabi. Syllabus Search Researcher Database Waseda University Repository Seeds Database Waseda E-Resource Portal Cultural Resource Database Kotenseki Sogo Databese (Japanese &Chinese Classics) WINE Waseda Cultural Unit-1 Introduction to Internet: What is Internet? 1.1 Syllabus Review and Quiz 1.2 Subscribe to the course calendar 1.3 Review of Course Projects 1.4 Introduce yourself to the class on Google+ Designers Lounge: The Web Development Process Lesson 2. This seminar allows you to study on DESIGN, Science of Mind, and Non-verbal Communication. : A Network of Networks, Gateway; History of the Internet: Connecting to the Internet, Internet Service Providers, DNS Servers, Connection Types, Modems, Connecting to the Internet using Dialup Networking; Web Browsers;    Using Web Browser; How does the Internet Work? I Sr. No. �A�Eo�҂��/O9�f/�'����l�L�K���{ �A���6��� Š7�^)���F�� \��%��;�6�)!��V(�����3��I�B2�>�`�]ʺ�+��K(��| | Learn web design and Webflow with interactive video tutorials. Diploma in Web Design Syllabus Syllabus of Web Design as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges. | WEB DESIGN PRINCIPLE S- SYLLABUS UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, WEB DESIGN AND ONLINE COMMUNICATIONS COURSE NUMBER: MMC 5277 CREDITS: 4 … Learning Web Design You have access to Lynda.com (LinkedIn Learning) tutorials as a Texas State student. WEBシラバス 休講情報 学習支援システム 学年暦・時間割・入構時間 学年暦 時間割 入構時間 各種申請・手続き 証明書の発行 9月卒業 休学 退学・復学 除籍・復籍 学生証の再交付 学部生の住所変更について 学費 学部学費 大学院学費 WEB DESIGN PRINCIPLES - SYLLABUS UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, WEB DESIGN AND ONLINE COMMUNICATIONS COURSE NUMBER: MMC 5277 CREDITS: 4 TERM: SUMMER 2015 LIVE LECTURE TIME/LOCATION: Tuesday and Thursday, 8-10 pm EST – Adobe Connect of Communications & Journalism Spring 2020 Saturdays 9:00 a.m.–noon January 25—May 2, 2020 Eads 14 Self-Directed Guide to Designing Courses for Significant Learning . , Web Content Authoring, Web Graphics Design, Web Programming, Webserver Administration, Protocols, Search Engines & Search Engines, Plug-ins, FTP Applications, Unit-3 Internet Services & Internet Security: Electronic Mail, FTP, Newsgroups, Other Internet Services, Security and the Internet, Security Tools, E-commerce Security Issues, TCP/IP, Domain Names and IP addressing, Host Names, Domain Names, IP Addressing - Reserved IP addresses. Detailed walkthroughs on the basics of designing with Webflow, building interactions, and working with Webflow CMS. Sikkim Manipal University, Directorate of Distance Education (SMU DE) does not operate through study center or learning center outside office territory. In this Web Design course, students will use a variety of design software to organize, create, publish, and manage a web site. '�vu�x��{D������(�no�4��-�P���/�L�H�r=O!�:���F?ζy�9ʪ Global Variables, Using the Return Statement, Nested Functions; JavaScript Objects: The JavaScript Object Model and Hierarchy, JavaScript Object Properties, Object Methods, New Keyword, This Keyword, Creating New Object Instances Using Constructor Functions, String, Date and Array Objects, Construction of Custom Objects with Individual Properties and Methods, Unit-12 JavaScript Programming – II: Fundamental JavaScript Directives: In-Line JavaScript, Linking Web Pages to External JavaScript Files, JavaScript Using