Hedges are both decorative and functional, they provide shelter from the elements, they define boundaries and screen unsightly views. The online garden center for cheerful garden fun. Beecroft Nurseries offer the following seasonal plants and services; Hedging Plants, Flowering & Evergreen Shrubs, Large Specimen Plants, Palms, Ornamental Trees & Bamboos, Bedding Plants, Award Winning Hanging Baskets, Logs & Firewood with delivery service within a 10 mile radius, Premium Quality Real Christmas Trees on sale from last Saturday of November - any size available on request. Guelder Rose JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Amelanchier Hedges are both decorative and functional, they provide shelter from the elements, they define boundaries and screen unsightly views. Box Other popular plants you may like are Bonsai trees and Flower Bulbs. Don’t miss this opportunity to pick up some genuine bargain plants for your garden! W. e will refund your money or resend the products for free. Can privet hedge plants be grown from cuttings? 9cm Pot Semi Hardy Cordyline Australis Palm Garden Outdoor Evergreen Plant At Paramount Plants, we have a continuous stock of hedging plants, trees and ornamental shrubs on special offer. Or disable analytics cookies here. We pride ourselves on … Frequently asked questions Dog Rose Ilex Aquifolium Alaska has glossy... £79.99 Euonymus If you need help or buying advice please call us on 01206 804732 or email info@hedgingplantsdirect.co.uk, we're here to help! Our instant hedges are ready to plant, and we now offer an exclusive range available in our most popular hedging species.. best4hedging’s instant hedge plants are mostly grown in one-metre troughs that are regularly clipped to shape while they’ve matured. Barerooted native hedge plants for sale online. Welcome to our special offer plants page with lots of plants, evergreen screening trees and hedging on sale at large discounts! Griselinia Discover amazing local deals on garden plants & flowers for sale in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Quick & hassle-free shopping with Gumtree, your local buying & selling community. Sign up to our newsletter and receive 10% discount off your first order! Laurel Best advice & support throughout. This species of Lavender is a popular and traditional plant in the UK and often used for compact hedges in contemporary design or conventional cottage displays. Easily pay and not good money back. Pyracantha We have in stock a wide range of shrubs and bushes of high quality for sale online. Impact Plants supply hedging, pleached trees, shrubs & living screens to create instant impact for both residential & commercial projects. Reward your garden with year-round interest and structure by planting a variety of flowering shrubs. Visit our nursery in Dedham, we're open 7 days a week, Now in stock, prices starting from £5.95 per plant, Pre-order your bare root hedging for delivery in November, Save when buying our discount packs and pallet deals, Now in stock, prices starting from 79p per plant, Now in stock, prices starting from £2.65 per plant. Compost and Mulch At Hedging.ie, We provide Top Quality garden hedges & garden trees. Terms & conditions, FREE DELIVERY over £50 Holly You can order without worry. If you plant a hawthorn 'hedge plant' and leave it to grow naturally, it will make a normal hawthorn tree, not a hedge. Fragrant autumn and winter-flowering favourites such as Viburnum x bodnantense 'Dawn' or Mahonia 'Soft Caress' are perfect even for the smallest gardens. Our garden hedge and plants range includes bare root plants, cell grown plants, pot grown shrubs, root … English Lavender plants are a beautiful, fragrant evergreen shrub. Create privacy in your garden with any of our cheap garden hedging plants. Dogwood Use code AUTUMN5, © Copyright Hedging Plants Direct 2018 - All rights reserved. Lonicera Instant Hedge Plants. Most hedge plants are sapling trees (the rest are naturally bushes), sold at the ideal starting sizes for hedge use. Look forward to each season with magnolia spring spectaculars and summer colour-splashes of hydrangea and weigela. Pruning your Hedges in September or during the active growing season will improve and promote them . Bare root privet hedge plants and cheap privet hedge plants are easy to find. Leylandii The others produce flowers when others produce berries. All the young trees listed as suitable 'hedge plants' are also used for forestry planting. Blackthorn You can also fertilise your plants with extra delicious plant food. Hedging Plants Direct, leading UK suppliers of quality Garden Hedges & Plants. Take a look at our recommended planting accessories, designed to help give your hedging the best start in life. Irrigation ScotPlants Direct offer a range of hedging plants from the small to more established hedge plant including Hawthorn, Privet, Hornbeam, Beech and much … Box Shrub Buxus Hedge Plants Hardy Evergreen Hedging Shrub Topiary for Outdoors & Patio Cont… 10X LARGE 2FT+ ILEX AQUIFOLIUM 'ALASKA' HOLLY PLANTS - EVERGREEN HEDGING TREES - 2L A superb variety of Ilex Holly, perfect for landscaping or to be used as a good evergreen hedging plant, perfect for a stunning privacy screen and being spikey is perfect for keeping things in and out of the garden! Easy ordering of all plants and fast delivery. Our hedges are grown by expert Nurserymen, ensuring the best quality of specimens, excellent foliage and resistance to UK climates. Our hedging is available in a variety of sizes, from 10cm to 9m. Is suited for hedging, however, it thrives when planted in a sheltered position, or are planted. With all our plants you get grow and bloom insurance, if you are not satisfied you get new or your money back. This website requires cookies to provide all of its features. Plant Feed and Fertiliser Yew, Discount Hedging Packs U heeft geen artikelen in uw winkelwagen. Native Mixed We also recommend different fast growing mixes for more diverse hedges or … Hedge planting & aftercare Plant Protection, Delivery information Essex. Colchester Mature Evergreen Trees – for hedging, above fence screening or simply stand-alone. Hedges Direct is a specialist grower and stocks an extensive range of high-quality hedges and plants, suitable for all garden types, including commercial and domestic use. You can easily buy an affordable privet hedge for sale on eBay. Use the smaller shears to trim such Hedges as topiary as they are easier to cut and sculpture into your desired shape. Secure payments by Stripe, Speak to our specialists 01206 804732 Create privacy in your garden with any of our cheap garden hedging plants. Place it over your shoulder as you work. They’re an extremely popular choice in both urban and country areas, with many homeowners opting for a more secluded garden to enjoy in the summer months. Our customerservice is available Monday thru Friday from 8am - 17.00pm. Best Sellers; Laurel Hedging; Yew Hedging; Leylandii Hedging (cupressocyparis leylandii) Box Hedging; Hornbeam Hedging; Griselinia Hedging Plants; Potentilla Hedging; Thuja Hedging; Privet Hedge Plants; Quickthorn Hedging (Hawthorn Hedges) All Hedging; Alder Hedging; Amelanchier Hedging; Beech Hedge Plants; Berberis Hedging; Birch Hedging; Blackthorn Hedging Fast growing, evergreen,native and even flowering hedging plants are for sale from bare root to pot grown. About us Hornbeam If you are looking for screening or hedging solutions, plant a row of our mature Cupressus Leylandii (Leyland Cyprus) which are between 3.5 to 4.5 metres high, and enjoy an instant wall of green. One of East Anglia’s most prestigious commercial plant nurseries. Yew’s thick, dark green and evergreen foliage create a fantastic wall of greenery between the edge of your garden and the outside world. Beech Hedging plants blog Thuja Hedging Plants Direct specialise in hedging plants online for retail, commercial and trade customers across the UK, providing bare root and pot grown hedging, from small plants to well established hedges including Laurel, Privet, Hawthorn, Hornbeam and many more species. CO7 6ER, Get 5% discount off all Hedging, Shrubs and Trees If your unhappy or your plants fail to grow. Choose from our best selling species of hedging plants, or take a look at our full range of hedging plants in our online catalogue. We offer Free Nationwide Delivery. Delivered to your door by mail order from Ashridge Nurseries. It is best to always keep the centre axis oiled; make sure the blades are always clean. There are so many varieties to choose from, we have them in different shapes and sizes, some are deciduous, others are evergreen and provide color even in autumn. Established nursery since 1982 We offer wholesale hedging, bare root hedge plants, native hedging mixes, hedge planting accessories and young native trees. Oleaster Call - 01257 265 232 Impact Plants - Living screens, instant hedging, mature plants, hedge plants, topiary, pleached trees and more. Alder Hedge Nursery is the exclusive grower of RHS endorsed hedging plants, so we always know the seed's provenance. Hedging Plants. Privet Also view our garden Perennials and Shrubs.We also have a huge variety of Houseplants for a wonderful green ambiance in your interior. Free delivery on orders >£60. Field Maple We will refund your money or resend the products for free. Large range of premium stock in house to choose from. info@hedgingplantsdirect.co.uk, Hedging Plants Direct If your unhappy or your plants fail to grow. Leylandii hedging plants (cupressocyparis leylandii) is one of the fastest-growing hedges available (approximately 75-90cm a year!). Laurel hedges are easy to grow, easy to … Call us today on 087 2630523 to find out more. Willow Hedge Plants; Spotted Laurel Hedging; Osmanthus Burkwoodii; Dogwood Hedge; Rosemary Shrub; Alder Hedging; Crab Apple Hedges; Forsythia Hedging; Hypericum Shrub; Prunus Padus; Wild Cherry Hedges; Mexican Orange Blossom; Juneberry; Flowering Currant; Brachyglottis Senecio Sunshine; Olearia - Daisy Bush; Sorbus Hedging; Hebe Plants; Philadelphus Hedging; Skimmia Hedging; Sambucus Nigra… English Lavender hedge plants are commonly referred to by its Latin name, Lavandula anguistifolia ‘Munstead’. Contact us Guaranteed. We supply both evergreen and deciduous hedges fresh from our nursery. Cotoneaster Long Road West With its vibrant and glossy large leaves, a laurel hedge provides a good screen and its quick growth rate means that an instant hedge can be achieved quickly. Acers, Ligustrum, Taxus, Red Robin, Buxus, Cypress, Carpinus and many more. Hedging Plants Direct specialise in hedging plants online for retail, commercial and trade customers across the UK, providing bare root and pot grown hedging, from small plants to well established hedges including Laurel, Privet, Hawthorn, Hornbeam and many more species. Why put up a fence when you can plant a natural hedge screen with any of our many hedging plants that will reward you with colour, flowers, berries and wildlife. To accept cookies from this site, please click the Allow button. Hedging and Plants from Hedges Direct. Some of our hedges are fast growing for quick privacy such as Lawsoniana hedge plants and Privet hedge plants, others are slower growing such as Berberis hedge plants or Buxus hedge plants (boxwood), but therefore easier to maintain. Privet hedge cuttings are easy to grow. Quality UK grown hedging We have the best quality. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with free practical buying advice to ensure you choose the right hedging plants for your requirements. Photinia For long Hedges such as berberis it is better to invest in an electrical trimmer but be careful not to damage the cable. Friendly help and buying advice Dedham Via our secure online shop you can order from our extensive range of over 100 varieties of hedging plants and native trees. Buying plants online is safe and easy at Gardens4You. Centrally located on a 32 acre site, just off the A14 betweenNewmarket, Ely, Bury St. Edmunds and Cambridge. It's only the trees listed as 'sapling trees' that can not be used as clipped hedge plants, … Acers, Ligustrum, Taxus, Red Robin, Buxus, Cypress, Carpinus and many more. As a traditional British conifer, Yew hedge plants (Taxus baccata) are a staple of many gardens across the UK and provide a stunning backdrop for colourful plants and shrubs throughout your garden. Laurel hedging is one of our most popular varieties of hedging plants. The plants are not fussy about soil and can tolerate some drought. Flowering Hedges for a spectaculair Display. UK Grown. RHS Endorsed. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Our Hedge Plants For Sale Below we list the best hedge shrubs and trees so that you can design your own native hedge. Shape the Hedge so that it's wider at the bottom so the sunlight will reach all the leaves. In autumn it has decorative red berries. We only sell our hedging plants to the end user (not to Garden Centres or other nurseries) so you can be assured of direct from the nursery pricing that you will find very hard to beat – delivery on most orders over £100 is free, and we deliver nationwide with plants coming directly from their growing beds to guarantee they are top quality. Native Mixed Hedging Using shears is a Cheap option for trimming. Hawthorn, Hazel Glebe Farm Hedging is the perfect place for anyone looking to buy hedging plants online. Shrubs .

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