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Dear P.,

I am in the the health and wellness industry. We serve patients with chronic conditions and offer elective services that are not covered by insurance. Some of these services are 3-5 thousand dollars and up.  We have been to a number of sales trainings but honestly they seem a little to high pressured sales for my clinics tastes. We like your low pressure and friendly approach to helping people and discovering their needs as you explain. Do you have any other materials that would be applicable to us?

Sincerely, James

Waynesville, OH

Hello James,,

I am pleased to hear of your interested. In answer to your question; yes, I do have additional materials.

I have a special P-Learning Series Course under development, specifically for your business model. The content comes from years of extensive work in this space.  Dental implant, cosmetic surgery and body sculpting clinics share these same concerns when it comes to mixing business with bed-side-manor! I have a comprehensive program on the way. In the mean time, as an appreciation for your interest, I am going to send you one of my book and here are a few addional thougts as well.

The field of regenerative medicine has grown substantially over the past ten years. Advancements in Platelet Rich Plasma injections and stem cell therapy for joints and ligaments have been featured positively on the TV shows like the Doc’s.  Many clinics are entering this area of medicine as a means of helping their patients become well instead of medicating to masking the pain while joints continue to deteriorate.

This has placed health/wellness practitioners and their staff in an awkward position because it feels like you are selling. I developed the Discovery Sales Process over the past 25 years with this very dynamic in mind. 

Too many sales models arm sellers with an abundance of facts, rebuttals and ways to overcome objections.  This process isn’t comfortable in any sales arena. With Discovery you are simply as trusted tour guide, helping patients and clients completely understands the options before them and consequences for procrastination.

You are in a good place. This is the wave of the future and what wellness will be redefined as in the next ten years. Keep your focus on helping people. Lead them to water.  Never beg or pressure them to drink. But, help them understand what dehydration looks like and let them decide. 

Good luck and all the best, P.




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