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Dear P.,

I sell large diagnostic imaging (medical equipment) to hospitals. My product is not the standard branded product in my industry. I had a customer tell me the reason they buy my competitors product in stead of mine is because no one has ever been fired from buying my competitors product. I didn’t know what to say.

Thank You, Larry

East Coast

Hello Larry,

My first thought is, how ridiculous. Although we have edited out your company and product line, let me make this pint to the readers. There is no possible way anyone was fired as a result of purchasing Larry’s product. I have conducted extensive sales training in and around the medical space. Although decisions within the medical space may influence the difference between life and death, it does not change what we are dealing with.

This is a very common prospect tactic no matter the product or service you may be selling. I’m sure all the best books on how to be an effective prospect have a chapter dedicated to identifying and deploying an objection the salesperson is least likely to overcome. This one is particularly clever Larry because it took you off your game. Traditionally this objection sounds more like, “Ill have to talk to (Spouse, board of directors, my accountant, etc.) and get back to you.”

A major problem in dealing with objections is that salespeople have been taught to overcome objections. In essence, convince the prospect they are wrong about the objection. This can only foster an unproductive exchange. The only person in the room capable of overcoming an objection is the person that gave the objection to you. The first step in dealing with an unsupportive buying sign from the prospect is to identify if it is valid or not. I have more on this subject in many places but lets get to you question and the objection that was offered up. This one really makes it easy.

Any time your prospect says something so ridiculous that it can’t be true, don’t get discouraged and ready to fight. Just act confused and a little naïve. In your example Larry, with the deepest concern in your voice you could say, “some one was fired for buying a (insert your product).” Your prospect will be forced to back pedal this question and diminish its validity. This way the prospect is handling the objection for you. They begin to realize how ridiculous they sounded.

This doesn’t mean the prospect wont come up with another objection but through a process of attrition you may end up getting to the real objection and get it resolved. Remember to be less concerned with overcoming objections. Be more interested in working through where they came from and the path to success will usually present itself.

Good luck and all the best, P.




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