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A Little Something Extra

So what’s the difference between the really good salespeople and the great? The fact is, you could spend a lot of time watching them in action and never even see it. Truly great salespeople have very subtle differences which over time cumulatively amount to a lot of sales commissions.

Every so often I get compelled to write about the little things, for example; remember the sales class that taught you to write thank you notes to your prospects regardless of whether or not they became a customer? (You may not remember, nevertheless, it was lesson). I would be willing to bet a pretty hefty bundle of cash to say that 92% of you have never actually done it. (Not that I’ve done any special research on the subject of course) Ok, maybe a little.

Great sales people are extraordinary individuals. Let me break down the word “extra-ordinary”.   First off we have the word “extra”. Webster defines extra as: “beyond or more than what is usual, expected or necessary”. If you’re in sales and you want to make additional sales or “extra sales” perhaps it makes sense to consider doing something extra. Now let me define the second part of the word, “ordinary”. Of course Webster has a definition: “of no special quality or interest: commonplace: unexceptional”.

Let’s inspect these two words but just for fun, put them together in reverse order. What do we get? “Ordinary-extra.” This translate to doing ordinarily, that which is commonly considered extra. By having a little fun with our key word extraordinary, I’m not advocating doing more or an extra amount of the ordinary. I believe that in sales and in life, that to be extraordinary, to live an extraordinary life, to have an extraordinary career, you need to make it an ordinary, common place, unexceptional occurrence engaged in common activities, most would consider extra.

I know this was a long winded way of restating the obvious “do more get more”, “expect more from yourself than you expect from others” but, the fact remains from countless studies. People who abide by these principles create abundance, have better relationships, feel more fulfilled, have less stress and live longer.

Here are some additional things you can make ordinary in your sales/life. Of course, you can send thank you notes to your customers and prospects. Be careful of sounding insincere. Many companies have preprinted cards with the company logo on it. I think this is a waste of money. Go to the store and buy some cards that say thank you on the outside. Write a nice note inside: Example, I hope your family enjoys your new (insert your product) as much as I enjoyed helping you get pick it out. Thanks again for your confidence, (your first name only) No business card! Don’t add – “I look forward to serving you again,” they know who you are and it is implied that you appreciate their business and hope to serve them again.

Secondly, just be nice to everyone; make it ordinary to greet a passing stranger with a smile or perhaps a friendly hello. Studies show an act of kindness bestowed upon another increases the release of the same chemical that antidepressants are designed to release within out bodies. This is why when someone is kind to you, you feel good. In addition, the same effect is also experienced by the person making the kind gesture. Further studies show the same effect within those who only witnessed a kind act from one person to another. So, if you want to surround yourself with happy people, just simply be nice all the time. Your prospect will respond by telling their friends about you.

Earlier, I asked you what the difference was between the good and great salespeople. Great salespeople work harder on them selves and their selling skills than working their prospects. Simply said, great salespeople are as diligent about working on their sales role as they are working in their sales role. That’s why they always seem to have a little something extra.

All the best,