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18 American success stories featuring:

Brian Tracy – Speaker, Author & Personal Development Expert

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What could be more exciting than a sit down with 18 American success stories featuring personal and business success experts? These dynamic professionals share their life lessons in thought-provoking interviews. So, pull up a chair and be prepared for life-changing thoughts on success from those who understand what it takes to get the job done.

Author, columnist & Keynote Speaker

P. William Clarke 

Well known for his unorthodox high-energy approach, Clarke entered the keynote speaking arena in 1998 and was inducted into the National Speakers Association in 2001. 

Clarke is best know as the architect behind the Discovery Sales Process® and related sales training programs, peppered with his real world sales experience. Also widely known for the “The Crucial Elements Of Success®” as previewed in the Power Learning Book Series by Insight Publishing and his program “The Sales Force®” providing a unique look at self-limiting psychological roadblocks and the emotional building blocks to sustain success for people within the sales profession.

Clarke served as a senior consultant within a multinational training and business-consulting firm prior to striking out on his own.,  By 2007 Clarke’s company (DSI) was lists #1 among leadership & management – development consultants in Central New York.

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As part of the Power Learning book series, this power-packed, thought provoking collection of insights and strategies has been described as an enjoyable and easy read.

Easy to read and filled with ideas you can implement imediatly!


Sales Manager, Consumer Electonics


This two DVD live event was filmed at the Interlock Resort in Colorado with an audience of elite specialty business owners in high-ticket consumer sales.

The Discovery Sales Process by P. William Clarke. This high energy three hour program is now available as a “P-Learning” online course.


As an international print publication, Creative Selling was delivered to 26 countries around the world.

Creative Selling also flew on The Trump Shuttle and was customized to support sales efforts in product categories ranging from pianos to luxury boats. 

Best know for no nonsense quick selling tips, featured column and specialty editions for Buick, Boston Whaler, Yamaha and other dealer based companies. 


Success begins with your very next step

– P. William Clarke

Coming Soon!

Spring 2022 

The Discovery Sales Process

By P. William Clarke

Categories: Personal Development - Sales Methodology

The Discovery Sales Process® by P. William Clarke is a comprehensive, phase building sales methodology that places buyer and seller in alignment. Using advanced human behavior and innovative proactive differentiation skills, Clarke sets the stage for "Win-Win" selling in a word of "Win-Lose" propositioning.  

The Discovery Sales Process is the preferred methodology for serious sales professionals seeking a departure from high-pressure sales tactics. Clarke details his innovative, highly interactive and non-threatening process while exposing the predominant sales pitfalls that undermine, neutralize & hinder quantum improvement in sales results.

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P. William Clarke speaks at trade shows, corporate retreats, dealer meetings, association conferences and private corporate events.

Some of Clarke’s signature program titles include:

  • The Discovery Sales Process
  • The Sales Force
  • The Crucial Elements Of Success (CEO’S)
  • Don’ Wait For Heroes
  • Success Begins With Your Very Next Step
  • The Leader Within
  • Discovery Boot Camp & The Quick Start Sales Training Series.


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